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We are honored to welcome Mário Jardel to Cinik Dental!

We are very happy to see our patient’s opinion about his new charisma. 🤩 Mário Jardel left Cinik Dental with a smile on his face.


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    Mário Jardel chooses CINIK Dental to add beauty to his greatness!

    🌟 A smile fit for a legend! ⚽✨ Huge applause to the iconic Mário Jardel for choosing CINIK Dental for your zirconium veneer treatment. 🙌💎✨ We’ve crafted a smile as timeless as your football legacy, ensuring every moment is picture-perfect. 📸😁 Get ready to score big with your new superstar smile! ⭐🌟✨

    Mário Jardel trusted CINIK Dental for a new smile!

    ✨ A transformation fit for a legend! 👑✨ A special shoutout to the incredible Mário Jardel, who entrusted CINIK Dental with his stunning zirconium veneer treatment. 🌟😍 Witness the magic as his smile is elevated to new heights, exuding brilliance and confidence. 💫💎✨ Mario, you’re not just a football legend, but now a smile icon too! Keep shining bright! ⚽😁

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Before beginning treatment, local anesthesia is given to the affected region of the patient to prevent pain. The teeth are reduced and shaped to the proper size for veneer. The color scale is used to make an appropriate color decision, and the tooth is prepared accordingly. The prepared veneer is adhered to the relevant area with a special adhesive. After the zirconium veneer, nothing should be eaten for half an hour.

      Zirconium coating is applied to people who have completed their jaw and tooth development. It is suggested for individuals who are in developmental age to wait until they complete their development.

      Laminate veneer is used to correct aesthetic disorders such as deformities or fractures in the patient’s teeth. Laminate coatings are designed as a result of a proper examination that includes patient-specific tooth measurements. The prepared coatings are then appropriately adhered with a special adhesive by rasping the teeth as minimally as possible. The applied laminate veneers are very durable. It can be used for a long time if the necessary care is taken.

      Laminate veneer treatment is applied to aesthetically impaired teeth. Alternatively, laminate veneer can be applied when no results are obtained from the teeth whitening process. However, it is applied to correct crooked teeth and to close tooth gaps. In order to perform laminate veneer treatment, precise mouth and tooth measurements should be taken by the dentist. After the measurements are taken, the suitability of the treatment is decided.

      Before implant treatment, the patient’s mouth, jaw, and tooth structure are thoroughly checked using x-rays and, if required, tomography. Measurements of the jaw bones and teeth are taken. Implant treatment can be applied in two ways.

      Implant treatment is applied to patients over the age of 18 who have completed their jaw and face development. Before the treatment, the jaw structure is evaluated to see if it is compatible for the implant. If necessary, supportive treatments might be offered prior to the operation.

      Teeth whitening treatment can be applied in 2 ways. These applications are home bleaching and office bleaching methods. Following consultation and analysis, the tooth whitening procedure to be used is determined.

      • Those with crowding teeth or pattern disorders,
      • Those with irregular gums,
      • Those with irregular tooth sizes,
      • Those with abnormal staining or discoloration on their teeth,
      • Those who have lost teeth and missing teeth,

      are suitable for smile design treatment. You should consult a dentist for smile design treatment. Smile design treatment is a set of treatments with multiple stages and procedures that the dentist should plan based on the patient’s condition.

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