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We are honored to welcome Bacary Sagna to DR. CINIK!

We are very happy to see our patient’s opinion about his new charisma. 🤩 Bacary Sagna left Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital with a smile on his face.


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    Bacary Sagna chooses DR. CINIK to add beauty to his greatness!

    From the pitch to the chair, Bacary Sagna showed us that champions never settle for less. ⚽✨ Witnessing his dedication not only on the field but also in taking control of his appearance, we applaud Bacary for choosing Dr. Cinik’s expertise for a game-changing hair transplant journey. 🙌💈 Today, he stands tall with a renewed sense of confidence, proving that true greatness extends beyond athletic prowess. Here’s to Montel, the fearless player who knows that success is a combination of skill, determination, and a killer hairline! 💪🔥

    Bacary Sagna trusted DR. CINIK for Hair Transplant!

    Introducing the amazing transformation of Bacary Sagna! Witnessing the incredible journey as they undergo a hair transplant operation at the esteemed Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital. From a moment of self-discovery to a newfound confidence, Bacary Sagna is ready to embrace a brand-new look. Applauding the expertise and professionalism of the team at Dr Cinik Hair Hospital for making this remarkable change possible. Get ready to be inspired by their renewed sense of self-assurance! 🌟💇‍♂✨

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    6 Steps To Get A Hair Transplant In Turkey

    Your journey at Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant explained:

    By taking the following steps, you can experience a premium-quality hair transplant at Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant Center

    Free Consultation

    We check your baldness and medical background to determine if a hair transplant suits you.

    Plan the Surgery

    Together, we decide the surgery date and details and you book tickets to Istanbul.


    We will ensure your only concern would be taking enough rest.


    Our Professional team follows your recovery and post-operational development.

    Your Hair Transplant Experience Explained!
    Learn more about A to Z of a hair transplant procedure at Dr. Cinik Hair Hospital.

    Hall of Fame

    Celebrities and Social Media Influencers Choose Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant!

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Istanbul, Turkey is the capital of hair transplant operations. There are several clinics in Istanbul that offer high-quality hair transplants at a very reasonable cost. You can get FUE and DHI hair transplants from world-class clinics in Istanbul, paying a fraction of what clinics in other countries might charge you.

      Istanbul has several top-notch hair transplant clinics, making it a hair transplanter’s dream. Surgeons like Dr. Emrah Cinik provide the highest quality hair transplants at an affordable price. Its unique location and medical tourism facilities make Istanbul a popular destination for hair transplants.

      Without having the temporary effects and endless side effects of most hair loss medications, a hair transplant can restore your natural hair, giving you the chance to enjoy a natural-looking hairstyle. However, you should undergo a consultation before a hair transplant to ensure it is the right choice for you.

      Baldness and severe hair loss can affect one’s life seriously. Hair loss medications have lots of side effects and limited effects. On contrary, hair transplants have permanent results, giving you the chance to have natural hair. If you are eligible for one, it is totally worth it.

      A hair transplant surgery is an act of harvesting hair grafts from donor areas and implanting them on baldness areas to create a natural hair look. Hair transplants are offered at qualified medical centers. It is called hair replacement by some.

      Yes, they do. If done by a qualified surgeon in a hair transplant center with modern facilities, hair transplants have long-lasting results. Transplanted hair acts like natural hair; it needs attention and care and can get harmed in harmful situations.

      According to the health-tourism website, Turkey is one of the safest countries for getting medical services. Near one million guests visit Turkey and benefit from its modern medical facilities. Hair transplant is one of the popular services thousands of people travel to Turkey for.

      Turkey offers hair transplant services at a high quality despite reasonable prices. Some of the best hair transplant centers in the world are located in Istanbul. With great results, you can ensure your hair won’t look like plugs after a hair transplant in Turkey.

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